What Can I do ?


Attend community meetings twice a year -- that are held in the spring and fall

If there is something that is worrying you please call that appropriate city service to have it dealt with.

Be proactive.

For example if cars are being parked on front lawns. Call Property Standards at the City Hall. If they are parked illegally – blocking driveways and sidewalks then call the Municipal By-law office. See links on our the web site.

Unfortunately the city does not act unless there are calls from residents. If we don’t call the city can’t act.

Barrie Police Services will be scheduling special patrols in our area during key times, but residents are reminded to call in and report student parties when they are starting early in the evening. If you see them bringing in the cases of beer, let the police know. Sometimes this will stop the party from getting out of control and save you the aggrevation at 3:00 in the morning. Dispatch can be reached through 725-7025. The earlier that parties are known about, the easier it is to prevent them from getting out of hand and becoming a problem.

Until then, call early and call often.

Your BEEHA executive.
Barrie East End Household Association